Small Business + Entrepreneurship

Fort Greene Small Business
[photo by Ben Richardson]

Like most neighborhoods in New York City, Fort Greene is home to hundreds of small businesses from restaurants and coffee shops to grocery stores and bodegas to hair salons and massage parlors.

With the massive buildout happening at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and dozens of co-working spaces cropping up, Fort Greene is also home to a burgeoning technology and local manufacturing industry.

The Fort Greene Association supports all of our local small businesses and small business owners equally. To that end, we support minority and women-owned business enterprises with great enthusiasm as they often face disproportionate challenges, hurdles, and obstacles.

The Fort Greene Association has also established a partnership with the Fort Greene Soloists Collective, a group of local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners to help with our programming in this initiative. Read more about the Soloists and our partnership here.

Moshood - photo by Chester Higgins
Moshood owner of afrikan spirit [photo by Chester Higgins]