Ron Foster, Featured FGA Photographer

Ron Foster - RonLouis Photos
Ron Foster, Photographer – RonLouis Photos

Ron Foster is a 50-year Fort Greene resident and an “old soul” with a vibrant and youthful energy.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to his craft as a professional photographer and interior designer.

Ron knew at an early age that he loved planes, which led him to attend Aviation High School in Long Island City.  From there, he went on to St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, where he obtained a B.S. in Aviation Business Studies and General Aviation with a Minor in History.  While enrolled at St. Francis, Ron was also President of the St. Francis Flyer’s Club and a member of the Professional Collegiate Aviation fraternity Alpha Eta Rho.

Ron worked in the aviation industry for a few years before shifting gears to financial services and Wall Street.  He spent 10 years in operations at the American Stock Exchange followed by two-year stints at National Discount Brokers and Pax Clearing Corporation. 

He may not have realized it at the time, but Ron’s next career move was a stepping-stone to where he is today, and a much happier life.  He pivoted to the retail and design world, which included a decade as Visual Merchandiser for the Container Store.  That role involved an intense focus on in-store creative direction and project management and execution.

Halloween in Fort Greene [photo by Ron Foster - Ron Louis Photos]

About 8 years ago, Ron decided to start down a path of going into business for himself.  He launched an interior design business RonLouis Designs, LLC, initially as a side hustle.  After building up a successful client base for several years, a few years ago, he made the break and became his own boss full-time.

Halloween in Fort Greene [photo by Ron Foster – Ron Louis Photos]

At the same time – guided by requests from his interior design clients – Ron launched a complementary business as a professional photographer, RonLouis Photos.  Ron always loved photography, but he hadn’t considered pursuing it professionally. Today, Ron’s photography business enables him to provide custom artwork for his interior design clients, while also supporting his pursuit of a lifelong passion. Photography has also helped Ron him come full circle to his love of planes by sending him around the world in search of the perfect photo.

“Do what you love, follow your dreams, and the money will have a way of finding you”

Ron Foster, RonLouis Photos

Outside of his professional journey, Ron maintains a commitment to community service.  He spent 10 years as a devoted mentor for the Youth Group program at Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in Boerum Hill, including six years as a Youth Group Leader and four as the program’s Director.

Most recently, he has found a great opportunity to give back to the community he has called home for his entire life. That brought Ron to the Fort Greene Association, where he has been providing much welcome support by giving the organization and the community a very professional visual representation.

We can’t thank Ron enough for his commitment and his exceptionally skilled eye for capturing and creating beautiful images.

Ron also has one of the most comprehensive social media footprints of any individual. It’s worth sharing here simply to illustrate its thoroughness:

photo by Ron Foster - RonLouis Photos
[photo by Ron Foster: RonLouis Photos]
Downtown Fort Greene [photo by Ron Foster: RonLouis Photos]
photo by Ron Foster - RonLouis photos
[photo by Ron Foster RonLouis Photos]